Care Through Family: a conceptual model of children’s nursing care

This project aimed to work with nurses to describe and document their practice. Nurse researchers from CNPDI worked with five teams of nurses in diverse paediatric settings in southern Africa to develop detailed descriptions of how nurses involve families in the care of their hospitalised child. We observed care and interviewed nurses and families to develop detailed descriptions of practice. We used visual research methods including graphic facilitation, sociograms and photographic elicitation to construct a detailed picture of routines, activities and environments. Holistic accounts of ‘real’ nursing practices were constructed through 1:1 and group interviews, exploring the underlying rationales and values. Comprehensive case study reports were produced for each setting and reviewed by key nurse participants. Together, researchers and nurses developed statements reflecting the model of care. After analysis of the data we constructed a description of nursing practice in the form of a model of nursing care which we call ‘Care Through Family’. The model is ordered around six themes. Each theme has a guiding principle, in the form of an illustrative statement reflecting the philosophies of care observed. Implementation of the model is supported by a self-assessment tool to guide nursing teams through a facilitated process of reflection and further practice development.