Pesticides Health and Safety posters

These posters are available at no cost to help train farmers; farmworkers; farmworker families; pesticide mixers, loaders and applicators; health providers; and other members of the agricultural community about pesticide health and safety issues. The posters can be used by farmers and non-governmental organisations or government departments working with farmers and farmworkers; in the area of workers’ rights and occupational health and safety; or in urban areas where domestic pesticide use is prevalent. Go to Pesticides Health and Safety posters The posters available here pertain to the safe use of agricultural and domestic pesticides. The posters provide an overview of several themes related to pesticides health and safety, namely: • How to store pesticides safely • How to prevent exposure and poisoning among children • What to do if someone becomes sick after spraying pesticides • How to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) • How to mix pesticides safely • The main hazards of pesticides and how to prevent pesticide poisoning • How to dispose of pesticide containers • How to read pesticide labels • Colour codes