Identification of the needs of grade 10 learners for input for a life skills programme : a study conducted at a Cape Town high school

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

The aim of this study is to try and find out what the need of Grade 10 girls are at a high school in the suburbs of Cape Town and how the school can assist them in meeting these needs. The rationale for doing this research arose as a result of the need to draw up a life skills programme based on research, which would include the participatory input of the grade 10 leamers. Like most high schools, the one the researcher approached, has experienced their share of normal to serious behaviour problems and the counselling department wanted to address these in their life skills programme with the emphasis on early prevention. Grade lOs (average age 16 years) were specially identified by the head of counseling as those being most at risk. The theoretical approaches covered in the literature review are psycho-analytic and object relations, focusing on the developmental tasks of middle adolescence, in particular the emergence of the young persons self-identity as they separate from their family and move towards greater individuality with their peer group. The relevance of life skills education to equip adolescents to cope with the social and emotional challenges they are likely to encounter, is also covered.

Includes bibliographical references.