Design and construction of a vibration data logging prototype board for overland conveyor belts

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

Overland conveyor belt systems form a vital part of modern transportation systems in the mining and mineral processing industries. It is vital that the system is well maintained in order to minimise system downtime and maximise profit. The conveyor belt is the single most expensive item in the system. It must be monitored to pick up potential problems before they cause belt failure. The majority of conveyor belt monitoring methods identify belt failure events rather than belt failure causes. The purpose of this project was to research and design a belt condition monitoring board which could be physically embedded in the conveyor belt. This would then be used to monitor the condition of the conveyor idlers whose failure can result in major system damage. The venture was split into two areas of research: the design of a vibration data logging board and the design of a power generation system. The thesis focused on the design of a DSP vibration data logging prototype board, while S.A. Williams investigated the design of a power generation system.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 124-131).