The effect of stabilization heat treatment on AA5182 aluminium alloy

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

AA5182 aluminium alloy is used for the manufacturing of can ends for beverage cans. The alloy selection for this part is based on the formability of the material and its resistance to softening over time. Owing to the intricate design of the can end opening tab, it is vital that the material maintains its strength during its shelf life. The mechanical properties of the AA5182 aluminium alloy are dependent on the microstructural evolution of the alloy during processing and forming. Al-Mg alloys, like AA5182, can undergo a low temperature heat treatment, which has the effect of stabilizing the microstructure and minimizing the subsequent recovery processes during and after coil coating. The effects of these heat treatments have been investigated in order to understand the effectiveness of the stabilization heat treatment on the AA5182 alloy. This study investigates various stabilization heat treatment temperature profiles, and then aims to characterize the microstructural evolution of the material during a simulation of the coil coating practice that the material is exposed to as the final step in the rolling mill operation.

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