An investigation into the human capital perspective of project management – ensuring project success within selected financial organisations in Botswana

Master Thesis


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Projects are an integral part of business growth. Ensuring that structures are put in place to allow for success is important within projects. However, projects can have different issues throughout execution, which include, project delays, poor conflict management processes and limited resourcing. Therefore, an investigation into the aforementioned areas to examine the impact they have on project success was deemed necessary for the research report. Based on the issues highlighted, the purpose of this study is to examine the views on project success and the impact of human capital on project success through the lens of three practicing project managers in selected financial services industry in Botswana. A multiple-case study framework has been developed in order to address the key issues being tackled in the study. Areas of exploration include an examination of key team roles and how they would apply in the context of the selected financial institutions as well as an examination of whether all of Belbin's key team roles are necessary in a team setup from the case studies. A look into how the project managers view project success as well as the constituents of success within the organisations they represent. Lastly, the study investigates the underpinnings of conflict management within their various organisations and how the navigate issues arising. Finally, an analysis of the results is done leading to the research findings and conclusions of the study.