Knowledge transformation in a mobile learning environment : an interpretive inquiry of ubiquitous context and social presence awareness

Doctoral Thesis


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University of Cape Town

One of the most fundamental facets of knowledge is that it transforms as an outcome of individuals sharing experiences through interaction. Knowledge transformation is when there is a shift in view, perspective and the thought process consequent to a social activity. The problem for a contact university is that mobile learners do not have access to consistent social resources for academic support as they drift from formal to informal learning contexts. The alternative for these learners is to engage in a learning activity though social interaction with knowledgeable peers who share a background. Learning actions are influenced gy changes in the environment and social awareness. Social awareness is synonymous with awareness of context and social presence. This research was a learning expedition towards understanding the phenomenon of ubiquitous mobile learning where knowledge transformation is a result of social awareness activities of mobile learners as they traverse varied learning contexts. Mobile learning is signified by mobility of learners regardless of mobile technology.

Includes bibliographical references (leaves 277-299).