Alignment of human competencies with mobile technology and business strategy in women-led SMEs

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

Studies show that women entrepreneurs are constrained and faced with challenges that inhibit the growth and performance of their businesses. Such challenges include race and gender differences, inadequate education, family responsibilities, lack of access to capital and other socio-cultural factors. However, with their human competencies, mobile technology and the appropriate business strategy, women-led small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) can steer their businesses to better performance. While the need for SMEs to align these three elements (human competencies, mobile technology and business strategy) has been suggested, there is limited knowledge on how SMEs can achieve this; no studies, to the author’s knowledge, have examined this in women-led SMEs. This study therefore sought to fill this gap by investigating how women-led SMEs can best align these three elements to enhance their business performance. In light of this, extensive literature review and theoretical work on the phenomenon was conducted. Given the existence of the interplay between these three elements (human competencies, mobile technology and business strategy), the study adopted the perspective of alignment as Gestalts as the most appropriate method in determining the best way women-led SMEs may align these three aspects.

Includes bibliographical references.