Editorial: How is Quality Addressed Within Practice-Based Learning?

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International Journal of Practice-based Learning in Health and Social Care

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In 2011, the World Health Organization (2011) proposed a three-pillar radical plan of educational reforms addressing the quality, quantity, and relevance of health professionals to address global health challenges and improve health outcomes. Seven years on, it seems pertinent to consider how educators are addressing the three pillars outlined in this bold plan in the context of practice-based learning. The increasing pressure on higher educational institutions to produce graduates who are adequately equipped for the workforce (Cooper, Orrell, and Bowden 2010) validates the critical contribution of practice-based learning in preparing health professionals for the future. Practice-based learning provides an ideal forum for educating health professionals who are not only “technically competent and efficient” but are also “able to work in teams, to adapt to a changing practice environment and to initiate change where needed” (World Health Organization 2011: 7). But, how is quality addressed within practice-based learning?