Civilian control of the military in Kenya, 1963-1995

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

This thesis set to find out how the Kenyan government has maintained control over the military. The research was based on existing secondary data not primary sources. In chapter one, the problem being investigated was outlined as well as a literature review. This chapter is important in that it exposes to the reader the literature in the field and shows the niche that this thesis fills. The second chapter, looks at the means used by the Kenyan government in controlling its military. The significance of this chapter is that it highlights the civil -military relationship tracing this relationship back to the colonial era. Outlining the theoretical background, the chapter shows the various methods used by the Kenyan government to maintain control. Chapter three is an assessment of the social-political arena in Kenya. This chapter is important in that it shows how the socio-political background plays an important part in this control. In the last chapter we took at the prospects for continued civilian control in Kenya. This chapter raises important issues to be considered as we took at civilian control of the military in Kenya.

Includes bibliography.