The process of marketing strategy design : an illustrative example for post graduate courses

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

The marketing of academic courses is a topic receiving increasing attention - both in terms of academic interest and out of practical necessity. In this study an extensive marketing evaluation is done of a particular course - the Industrial Administration Programme (IAP) at the University of Cape Town. This example serves as the specific model used to illustrate the process of marketing strategy design. The primary objective of this study is to illustrate how the principles of marketing strategy design may effectively be used to formulate a specific and detailed marketing strategy and plan for academic courses but particularly those at post graduate level. The illustrative example chosen is the Industrial Administration Programme offered by the Faculty of Engineering at U.C.T. Though the very specific nature of the research done into the IAP precludes the use of this study as a universal model for evolving a marketing strategy for academic courses, it does serve the function of acting as a guide as to how similar marketing problems may be approached. Part I describes the theory, process and procedures adopted to recommend the marketing strategy, while Part II describes in detail the specific plan suggested.

Bibliography: p. 291-297.