Metrization of ordered topological spaces

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

In 1969, Lutzer proved that a linearly ordered topological space with a Gδ-diagonal is metrizable. This appears to be the first work in the field of metrization of ordered topological spaces. Very little seems to have been done in this direction. This thesis is a study of the various conditions necessary for metrizability of such spaces. One of the earliest papers concerned with ordered topological spaces is that of Eilenberg. Since then, ordered spaces have been considered by various authors, but few considered the conditions under which such spaces would be metrizable. Bennet gave a characterization of metrizability for a linearly ordered topological space with a σ-point finite base. A linearly ordered topological space is a space for which the interval topology coincides with the original topology for the space. We investigate the metrizability of linearly ordered topological space satisfying certain covering properties, countability conditions on the base, certain conditions on the diagonal and spaces which admit a symmetric. We obtain four characterizations of metrizability for linearly ordered topological space in terms of some of the above notions.