Innovative Finance Week 5 Video 7 - Case studies wrap-up



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This video individually looks at the case studies and the components from the course that they made use of. It discusses how Ashburton needed to address the perceived risks around the SMEs. It then discusses how Ashburton designed a guarantee mechanism that decreased the risk from the funders point of view. The video then talks about how Zoona noticed that the current available options did not meet the customers' needs. It then talka about how engagement with the end users helped meet the needs of the users. The video also discusses how the Western Cape Government needed to find a way to bring in more private funding and ensure that specific outcomes were met. It then discusses how the government then designed a social impact bond that brought in more private funders and create incentives to meet the specific outcomes for those running the projects. The video also goes into how the SDI is still in the design phase of their program. It touches on the opportunity the SDI has to make use of business model innovation and find new types of partners. It also touches on the importance of sustainable innovative financing for non-profits and how it is a journey and not a destination. The video then goes into how Innovation Edge has been moving from a purely grant organization to a venture philanthropy. This is video 7/8 in week 5 of the Innovative Finance: Hacking Finance to Change the World course.