Diversity Literacy

This resource provides the entirety of the Diversity Literacy course content. Melissa Steyn's (2010) notion of Critical Diversity Literacy is the conceptual foundation upon which the course is conceptualised. Diversity Literacy can be defined as a set of practices or conceptual tools which allow one to think critically about complex social issues such as identity, power and difference. The course engages many of the central problems which affect processes of transformation in the 'new' South Africa (class, racial, and gender inequality, postcolonial and globalised power relations) in addition to areas of social conflict (Affirmative Action, xenophobia, gender based violence, criminalization of the poor). Divided roughly into two aspects, the course focuses on theories of diversity and contemporary local and global social issues. These are presented in an integrated format, by critically examining and analysing how different authors foreground, think about and represent certain issues. The course is intended for senior level undergraduate students from all faculties. As a course offered to senior students from all disciplinary backgrounds, Diversity Literacy will prepare students to function effectively in diverse social contexts upon their entry into the work environment.