Gender and women’s studies in Africa : teaching and learning materials

The resources presented here were created in the mid-2000's and are augmented by Feminist Africa journals as well as updated 'related' resources. The materials are diverse and include course outlines, review essays as well as profiles of individuals and organisations involved in the areas of gender teaching and activism in Africa. The resources can be used as guides for discussion, for planning course outlines or used as references. It is suggested that the materials are best used to generate debate and discussion. Taking into account the kinds of opportunities and challenges faced by feminists located in African universities, the GWS Africa project offers African-authored and African-centred material that takes gender seriously. Here we offer Teaching & learning resources developed by the project. GWS Africa uses Information and communication technologies for the development and dissemination of intellectual resources to support and strengthen African-based teaching and research in gender studies. The project started out of a need to respond to the challenges faced by higher education institutions on the continent and in particular, to the development of Gender and Women’s Studies programmes. There is a dearth of home-grown gender research that addresses the poorly understood realities of African gender relations and cultures. To augment the materials presented here, we suggest that you consult the journal, Feminist Africa. Feminist Africa is a continental gender studies journal produced by a community of feminist scholars. It provides a platform for intellectual and activist research, dialogue and strategy. We are constantly updating the materials with related news, events and resources relevant to the subject areas. We hope that you will find both the learning materials and related information useful in your teaching and research.