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    Claim by Pichegru et al. that marine no-take zone benefits penguins remains premature
    (2010) Butterworth, Douglas; Brandao, Anabela; de Moor, Carryn; Robinson, William
    Pichegru et al. (2010), and a follow up comment by Ryan et al. (2010), make strongly stated claims that closures to pelagic fishing around islands with penguin breeding colonies lead to rapid improvements in those penguin populations. These claims are contested for a variety of reasons, including problems with the analysis method used. Claims that the pelagic fishing stocks are in poor condition, and that this is because of an absence of spatial management, are also contested, as are some other sweeping statements. The data currently available are too limited to be able to confirm or deny the claims made at this stage.
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    Open Textbooks in South African Higher Education: Call to Action 2021
    (Digital Open Textbooks for Development, 2021) Willmers, Michelle; Cox, Glenda; Masuku, Bianca
    Action brief by the Digital Open Textbooks for Development project at the University of Cape Town highlighting the need for national support and coordination in order to grow an open textbook community of practice that can provide support across institutions and co-ordinate content production activities in order to obtain greater efficiencies in South African higher education open textbook production, publication and curation across the sector.
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    UCT Open Access Policy
    (UCT LIS, 2014) University of Cape Town
    Central to the University’s core mission is the education and training of students, and the advancement, preservation and dissemination of knowledge. UCT encourages research and development and social outreach by creating a research culture that actively responds to the needs of the people of South Africa, while also contributing to the global research community.
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    Background to the species splitting model adopted for the development of OMP-18.
    (2018) Marine, OLSPS
    "Background to the species splitting model adopted for the development of OMP-18." is work that has been presented at the International Fisheries Stock Assessment Review Workshop 2018 at UCT.