Institutions supporting small and medium enterprises in the Western Cape : entrepreneurial perceptions of the SBDC

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

The object of the thesis is to explore the perceptions of small business people mainly from the Athlone area regarding the SBDC and other similar support organisations. The survey targeted mainly coloured and Indian firms. African businesses face constraints different from those run by Indian and coloureds in the Western Cape. The study targeted a defined group of businesses and its particular limitations. This complexity requires sensitivity that recognises differences among disadvantaged firms. It also investigated the provision of training, marketing and financial functions of the Small Business Development Corporation, addressing: the activities involved in the provision of services, the policy formulation process within the institution with regard to the service function, and the environment within which the institution operates. Finally the thesis analysed the post 1994 government policy on SMEs and activities since the Presidents Conference on Small Business. The study focused on three support functions, training, marketing and financial services offered to black entrepreneurs. The study looks at the SBDC as support provider of services to the construction, service and manufacturing sectors in the Western Cape.

Bibliography: leaves 122-129.