Application of ANOVA for the analysis of temporal and spatial differences in the length of pelagic goby preyed on by Cape fur seals in the coasts of Namibia

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

The Analysis of variance is a robust technique whereby the total variation present in a set of data is partitioned into two or more components (Wayne, 1999). In this thesis, ANOVA was used to uncover the differences in goby length preyed on by three different colonies of fur seals at the Namibian coast. Moreover, ANOVA was used to investigate temporal differences in lengths of goby preyed on by fur seals in each location of the seal colonies. Results of the analysis are shown in the Analysis and results section, and the findings are discussed in the discussion section. But before these two sections, there are three sections of the thesis. The first section is the general introduction that explains about the general situation and the targets of this thesis. The second section gives a general background on the ANOVA technique. The third section explains the nature of the data and gives background information on gobies.

Includes bibliographical references (leaves 62-66).