Information, women's health and development : strategies for information provision in Africa

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

The literature relating to women's health in Africa focuses on health information seeking needs. It rarely focuses on how women's health information needs link to the development of the continent. The dissertation examines the interrelationships between women's health information needs and development. The study sought to establish the significance of information to women's health and development. In order to validate this link the study employed three data collection techniques - documentary research, interviews and electronic mail questionnaires. In illustrating that there is a relationship between women's health and development, the study argues that women's empowerment can only be achieved where sufficient information is provided for women to make informed independent decisions concerning health issues that affect them. This relates especially to when to have children; how to protect themselves against AIDS, what the early warning signals of breast and cervical cancer are, and how best to look after their children and the community at large. The study further argues that these types of challenges can only be met with an efficient and effective health information service that is both gender sensitive and context specific to the African continent.

Bibliography: leaves 120-127.