Memory tests for use with brain damaged adults in a multiracial general hospital : a preliminary validation study

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

A battery of three verbal and three visual tests was developed to meet a need for a test of memory functions for use with patients from different racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The test performance of 35 patients with diagnoses implying disorders of the limbic system was compared with that of 35 normal controls matched for race, age, intelligence and sex. Discriminant analysis of the verbal and visual test scores achieved 100% correct classification of the 27 patients with bilateral damage, but 3% of the normal controls were misclassified. There was a clear trend for the performance of the 3 patients with left temporal lobe damage to be impaired on the verbal tests, and the performance of the 5 patients with right temporal lobe damage to be impaired on the visual tests. Race, which tends to be correlated with socioeconomic and education levels, had no significant effect on the test scores of the 34 White, 28 Coloured, and 8 African subjects. Test scores were not significantly effected by age, intelligence or sex. Further studies to achieve cross-validation are indicated.

Bibliography: pages 158-169.