Improving Inter-service bandwidth fairness in Wireless Mesh Networks

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

We are currently experiencing many technological advances and as a result, a lot of applications and services are developed for use in homes, offices and out in the field. In order to attract users and customers, most applications and / or services are loaded with graphics, pictures and movie clips. This unfortunately means most of these next generation services put a lot of strain on networking resources, namely bandwidth. Efficient management of bandwidth in next generation wireless network is therefore important for ensuring fairness in bandwidth allocation amongst multiple services with diverse quality of service needs. A number of algorithms have been proposed for fairness in bandwidth allocation in wireless networks, and some researchers have used game theory to model the different aspects of fairness. However, most of the existing algorithms only ensure fairness for individual requests and disregard fairness among the classes of services while some other algorithms ensure fairness for the classes of services and disregard fairness among individual requests.

Includes bibliographical references.