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University of Cape Town

The main purpose of this dissertation was to create a series of short stories based on a feminine point of view. STOORNIS, a collection of eighteen widely diverse stories, concentrates on making women the focal point in a diverse discourse and thematic register. The emphasis is placed on the role of esotericism (compare NAKENNIS and DIE BESOEKER), the influence of modern technology and computers (DIE MEESTER and STAATSGREEP), the juxtaposition of criminal modus operandi and the creative muses (BLOEDGELD and DIE SMOKKELROETE), the role of women in a military environment (MYNVELD and DIE GENERAAL EN DIE SIENER) as well as the occurrence of psychological aberration in women (LeERS and STOORNIS). Many facets of women's sexual identity, such as abortion (DIE SLAGDING) and lesbianism (WAG OP DIE KONINGIN), are scrutinized. No formal distinction was made between theory and criticism in the feminist discussion of STOORNIS. Theory and criticism were mutually regenerated and applied in the individual texts. Based on an assumption, the main point of feminism centres around the destruction of the phallus: through decontruction, men in the texts are "unmasked" on many levels. Theoretical feminist terms, such as stereotyping, prejudice, patriarchalism, sexism, chauvinism, phallocentrism and androcentrism were used to execute the "unmasking" process. · Through the use of metaphoric destruction of the phallus it was attempted to deconstruct the authorative manipulation of men (which women are succumb to) and to strive towards a reconciliation process between man and woman, in other words, the androgynous ideal of feminism.