The employment recruitment and promotion process: legal regulation and practice

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

Recruitment is an integral part of any organization. It forms the foundation upon which every other practice is built. It is a process which is often regarded lightly and not given the due consideration it deserves. It is therefore pertinent to have a recruitment process in place which ensures legal compliance, as well as the longevity of the business. The concept of legal compliance in the employment recruitment and promotion process has proved at best inconspicuous. The process has allowed for much legal debate, which spans from the CCMA all the way through to the Constitutional Court. The process has also allowed for much jurisprudence to be developed regarding the implementation and application of the statutes governing it. This dissertation will focus on the limitations placed on management prerogative by labour law the procedural and substantive fairness requirements. It will do so by exploring case law, risk management measures and what is required to ensure a contract of employment is legal and binding on both parties. It is important to read this dissertation in the light of how labour law overlaps with and impacts on management prerogative. This view is necessary to understand how the push - pull dynamic between these two factors in recruitment and promotion have molded the process to encompass issues that substantively outweigh their procedural counterparts and vice versa. It is necessary in this dissertation to expound on the fundamental law governing the recruitment and promotion process and will explore concepts of management prerogative, amongst others. The objective of this dissertation is to investigate the ambiguities imposed by procedural and substantive fairness and will venture into risk management measures and contractual obligation s as a failsafe for employers to demystify the process.

Includes bibliographical references