Sustaining OER at the University of Cape Town: free, but not cheap

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Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Open Universiteit Nederland and Brigham Young University


University of Cape Town


Barcelona Open Ed 2014

Paper focusing on open educational resources (OERs) at UCT. OER initiatives have moved from a fringe activity to a key component in both teaching and learning in higher education and in the fulfilling the universities' mission and goals. Reduction in the cost of materials is yet to be realised in practice make it necessary to consider various strategies for new OER initiatives e.g. the OpenContent directory at UCT. This paper reviews the range of sustainability strategies mentioned in the literature, plots the results of a small-scale OER sustainability survey against these strategies and explains how these findings and other papers on OER initiatives were used to inform an in-house workshop at UCT to deliberate the future strategy for the sustainability of OER at UCT.