Tracking identities in transition - using reflective literacy

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South African Journal of Higher Education

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University of Cape Town

I have been teaching a group of students who are mature and experienced professionals in the field of Education, but do not have a prior degree. The class is diverse in terms of language and writing abilities, cultural and educational backgrounds, home and work situations and expectations of and reasons for their studies. Together with the various situational stressors that these students endure on top of the normal ones associated with studying, this poses many challenges. The African University of the 21st Century is following international trends of widened access, and it is therefore likely that it will face similar diversities and challenges. Reflective and dialogical journal writing is a central aspect of my course. It is included in an attempt to contribute towards students' confidence in writing and as an initial step towards development of their academic writing, reading and thinking skills. This article examines the progress of such skills in students through this endeavor and what it can contribute to our own development as teachers in being fully equipped for the African University in the twenty first Century.