Upper limb injuries in athletes participating at the London 2012 Paralympic Games

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has witnessed growing participation in the Games since its inception and has made strong efforts to collect comprehensive injury and illness data during the London 2012 Paralympics. Until now, no studies have comprehensively evaluated upper limb injuries at the Paralympic Games. To describe the epidemiology and clinical characteristics of upper limb injuries in athletes participating in the London 2012 Paralympic Games and identify the groups of athletes at risk. This study forms a component of the large prospective cohort study conducted over the 14-day period of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, coordinated through the IPC Medical Committee. Data were collected in two phases. Phase 1 involved the determination of the incidence and severity for 3,565 athletes (85% of the Paralympic athletes) from a collation of three data sources, providing 46,606 athlete days of data for analysis. Phase 2 involved the collection of more detailed medical data using a novel web-based surveillance system for 3,329 athletes participating in the study (80% of Paralympic athletes). Incidence proportion (IP) has been defined as the number of injuries per 100 athletes (%) during the study period. Incidence rate (IR) has been defined as the number of injuries per 1000 athlete days for the study period and 95% confidence intervals (CI) are reported in parentheses.

Includes bibliographical references.