OMP 2011 re-tuned to be used for setting TACs for the West Coast rock lobster fishery for the 2013+ seasons

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University of Cape Town

This document provides full specifications of OMP 2011 re-tuned to be used to set allocations for various sectors and super-areas for the 2013+ seasons for the West Coast rock lobster fishery. This OMP is implemented slightly differently for the first season (2011), and also differs from OMP 2011 as intended to be implemented for 2012+. The management objective is to increase the male biomass above 75mm CL by 35% by 2021 relative to the 2006 level in median terms. OMP 2011 re-tuned retains this management objective by adjusting for the TAC set for the 2012 season being higher than recommended under OMP 2011. This document provides details of the three main components of OMP 2011 re-tuned: 1) how data are combined across the five super-areas (Area 1-2, Area 3-4, Area 5-6, Area 7 and Area 8+) for input into the OMP; 2) the OMP formulae which provide the global TAC recommendation; and 3) the manner in which the global TAC is split amongst the super-areas and different sectors.