Leveraging mobile business intelligence to create strategic business value

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

Currently, there is a growing need for mobile Business Intelligence (BI) in the business world as the nature of work is changing and employees are more mobile than ever before. Mobile BI promises portability and pervasive access to BI, making it a topic high on many directors’ agendas; however the tangible and intangible benefits of mobile BI are still not well understood. Coupled with this, BI practitioners’ are sceptical about the real business value of delivering BI reports to mobile devices and how this undertaking can bring about organizational changes in the long run. As the field of mobile BI is still in its infancy, there is a lack of research which addresses the business value of mobile BI. The existing studies in this research area have been focused on adoption and implementation strategies. This study therefore attempts to address the gap by investigating how mobile BI can be utilised to enhance organizational performance and also contribute towards strategic business value. In light of this, an extensive literature review was conducted which revealed that mobile BI usage can result in benefits, such as improved employee performance management, organizational agility and customer satisfaction. A conceptual model was developed based on the literature and this model acted as the framework for investigating the research problem.

Includes bibliographical references.