Re-cognising teaching and learning in an Ad mathematics programme

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

This dissertation deals with me and my practice as a mathematics teacher in a high school in Cape Town. Through the lens of my teaching in an Ad (advanced, accelerated and enriched) mathematics programme I re-cognise the teaching and learning opportunities that have presented themselves over a three year period. I attempt an understanding of these opportunities through building a theoretical research space that blends quantitative and qualitative aspects by drawing on the new holistic theories of cognition inherent in enactivism. This is a piece of work which attempts to foreground my voice as a teacher and draws data, both quantitative and qualitative from my practice in a continual feedback loop of questioning leading to data, leading to interpretation, leading to action, leading to questioning. I lean heavily on the research method known as the Discipline of Noticing which attempts to give practising teachers a means of interrogating their practice and of building theory from within that practice. The statistical technique of regression discontinuity analysis is employed to contrast the results of those who have been in the Ad programme with those who have been in regular classes. Threads from pupil and teacher reflections are used to investigate more deeply the questions raised by this quantitative data. Video material and short response questionnaires are used to open up perceptions by my pupils of my teaching in a number of classes.

Bibliography: leaves 93-99.