The abrasive wear resistance of austempered spheroidal graphite irons

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

A study has been made of the structure and abrasive wear resistance of two austempered commercial spheroidal cast irons. Heat treatments have been carried out for different times between 2 and 120 minutes for a range of austenitising temperatures between 850°C and 950°C and austempering temperatures between 250°C and 450°C. The morphology and constitution of the resulting dual phase ferrite/austenite structure has been examined using optical and scanning electron microscopy and x-ray analysis. The maximum quantity of retained austenite in the structure has been shown to vary up to 50% and to be strongly dependent on heat treatment parameters and the composition of the iron. Laboratory abrasive wear testing has been carried out on these austempered irons and compared with the results of similar tests on a range of abrasion resistant carbon steels. All the austempered irons were found to have better abrasion resistance than proprietary abrasion resistant steels. These austempered irons derive their outstanding properties from the morphology of the dual phase ferritic/austenitic matrix coupled to the high work hardening characteristics brought about by the stress induced austenite to martensite transformation during abrasion. The influence of microstructure and mechanically induced transformation has been studied as a function of austempering temperature and time.

Bibliography: pages 103-107.