Tyd as struktuurelement in speur- en misdaadfiksie met spesifieke verwysing na drie tekste deur Deon Meyer

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

This study explores the structure of crime and detective fiction. It takes the view that certain texts do not adopt either form specifically, but often adopts a combination thereof. It looks at the role which time plays in the structure of these forms by examining the time strategies that are present therein. Attention is given to the criteria used to distinguish the two forms from each other as well as how time manipulation differs between the forms. Deon Meyer’s novels 13 Uur, Infanta and Orion are analysed as example texts to establish whether the use of time is sophisticated enough to merit crime fiction, detective fiction and the combination text as a worthy field of study. The analysis looks at 13 Uur as detective fiction, Infanta as crime fiction and Orion as a combined text to show the integral part that time plays in crime and detective fiction. What this study demonstrates is that the thread of time is deeply rooted in the puzzle that is present in crime and detective fiction. The complex time strategies that Meyer makes use of, demonstrates that the proses of constructing and telling this puzzle is not a simple one, and is therefore worthy of being researched.

Includes bibliographical references.