Additions to the bryoflora of Reunion Island 3: new and interesting records from the Tropical Bryology Group (British Bryological Society)

This contribution is a result of collaborative work based on the fieldwork organized during a workshop of the Tropical Bryology Group on Mascarene bryophytes in September 2008, and also from previous unpublished records of the authors. We add 35 new taxon records (17 mosses and 18 liverworts) as well as five other interesting records for Re´union Island (Mascarene Archipelago). Grimmia austrofunalis Mu¨ll.Hal., Sphagnum magellanicum Brid. subsp. magellanicum, Didymodon tectorum (Mu¨ll.Hal.) K. Saito, Anastrophyllum revolutum Steph. and Lejeunea exilis (Reinw. et al.) Grolle are reported for the first time for Africa. Syrrhopodon vardei L.T.Ellis, Ceratolejeunea papuliflora Steph. and Xylolejeunea grolleana (Po´cs) X.-L. He & Grolle, previously known as endemic from Madagascar, are here recorded for Re´union. The latter species is also illustrated with SEM pictures.