Teacher training for early literacy development : an examination of the effectiveness of approaches used for training lower primary school literacy teachers in Malawi

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

Studies that have been carried out on literacy development in lower primary school classes in Malawi suggest that a lot of children complete the first four years of their primary education without being able to read, not only a text of their grade level, but also of 100ver grade level. In addition, these studies suggest that some of these children complete the first four years of primary education without even being able to write their own names. However, these studies do not mention any specific reasons why basic literacy development remains a nightmare for the majority of children in lower primary school classes. This study. therefore, seeks to investigate the effectiveness of approaches that are used for initial literacy development in lower primary school classes in this country. Chapter one gives a brief background to the structure of education and the primary school system in Malawi and defines the problem that is being investigated. Chapter two discusses the theoretical framework and a review of literature on the concepts of literacy and literacy teaching and learning. Chapter 3 gives an outline of the research design and methodology that was used during the investigation. Chapter 4 provides details of how the data was analysed and presents the findings. Chapter 5 concludes the study and presents recommendations for considerations.

Includes bibliographical references (leaves 93-101).