Towards systems engineering approach applicable for small developing organisation

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

The purpose of this thesis was to create the model which could be used to optimise the operational effectiveness of the general type of small developing business/system. The small developing organisation is the system which has the same type of components as a big organisation but the structure is much simpler. These components develop a system in the Technical, Economic and Environmental areas. Each of these components has its own purpose and together these purposes optimise the entire system. The identification of the purpose of the components of the small developing organisation should be analysed by: • investigating the component's performance; • investigating the component's behavioural pattern; and • investigating the component's support requirement. Further, the analysis of the general characteristics of the small developing organisation is such that: * analysis of the performance considers only the main point of the component's operation but not the entire operational function; * the behavioural pattern (i.e. failure and repair occurrence) is random; * the evaluation of the support requirements is subjective where the statistical tools may not be applicable; • the relationship between the elements of the aforementioned three activities is often unpredictable; • the components are usually analysed according to the hierarchy of importance to the development of the entire system.

Includes bibliographical references.