Registered and Unregistered Early Childhood Development Centres in the Cape Flats, Cape Town: Challenges and Opportunities

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This qualitative, explorative, research study aimed to explore the experiences of ECD principals from Registered and Unregistered Early Childhood Development Centres in the Cape Flats, Cape Town. This study collected data through face-to-face, semi-structured interviews. A non-probability, purposive sample of twenty ECD principals was selected to take part in this study. The main objective was to understand the context in which ECD principals in the Cape Flats provide their services. In doing so, the study attempts to answer four key research questions, which were centered around motivation, challenges and needs within the community-based service. The research study found that community needs, and lack of employment were key motivators for ECD principals. Several social challenges were identified as impacting the service including gangsterism, unemployment, substance abuse, registration, and infrastructural upgrade requirements. The lack of recognition and support from government departments was another common challenge that emerged from this study. Furthermore, there was an overall frustration around unrealistic standards assigned to compliance requirements and a lack of support for the management and business element of the service. To secure long-term viability and actualize social and economic benefits of ECD services in post-apartheid communities, the main recommendations of this study called on support from various stakeholders within corporate, government, and non-profit sectors of society.