The impact of HAART on the reproductive decision making process of HIV positive people in Zimbabwe in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

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Centre for Social Science Research

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University of Cape Town

This article explores how the advent of HAART has impacted the fertility plans of people with HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe. It argues that HAART has had a significant impact on the outlook that HIV-positive people have on reproduction and health in general especially among those who intend to continue with childbearing. The results section presents responses from HIV-positive people who intend to continue with child bearing with regard to how the advent of HAART has impacted their views and decisions on this issue. The discussion evaluates, from a broader perspective, whether the views concerning HAART and reproduction expressed by those who intend to reproduce are justifiable. The article concludes that it is mainly the availability and efficacy of HAART that has motivated some HIV-positive people to continue pursuing their childbearing plans..