Opening up the rich man’s club : ways to solve the clash between IMOs need for a more efficient decision-making process and the necessary participation of developing countries in the process?

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

The question this dissertation aims to answer is how developing countries can be better included in the IMOs decision-making process in order to make the process more efficient regarding time efficiency and the enforcement of decisions. It will be shown that the decision-making process of the IMO lacks efficiency regarding time-efficiency, which leads to a delay in finalising, adopting and implementing IMO decisions. Furthermore, the implementation and enforcement of decisions is inefficient. It will be demonstrated that the IMO would work more efficiently if developing countries would be better included in the decision making process. In order to point out ways to increase the IMOs efficiency and to improve the participation of developing countries in the process, seven suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of the IMO will be analysed. However, it will be shown that only a few of them have the double effect of improving the effectiveness of IMO´s decision-making process and strengthening the participation of developing countries. Out of the seven proposals for strengthening the efficiency of the IMOs decision-making process that are to be examined in this work only a change to the structure of the IMO to open up the “rich man´s club” and the expansion of the IMOs efforts to strengthen the member states implementation willingness achieve both objectives at the same time. However, there is not just one way to improve the IMOs decision-making process and the participation of developing countries in it. For achieving the best results, a few of the proposals should be combined.

Includes bibliographical references.