Does location matter? An investigation into the factors influencing employees' intention to stay in a multinational organisation

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

Globalisation and the skills shortage worldwide has increased the mobility of employees, and in turn, given employees access to more job opportunities globally. The mobility of employees makes employee retention more challenging than ever before. The topic of employee retention has been vastly researched over the years and human resource practitioners have identified multiple factors which influence employees’ intention to stay. This study focuses on six variables which were found to influence an employee’s intention to stay: job satisfaction, supervisor support, compensation, career advancement, work-life balance and affective commitment. The study assessed whether the factors which influence employees’ intention to stay differed between the locations of an international financial-technology organisation, Prodigy Finance. There are 98 participants in the sample. The data was collected via a selfadministered online survey. Results show that whilst the six variables do influence the employees’ intention to stay within the organisation as expected, the employees’ perception of work-life balance and compensation differed between locations. The employees’ perception of work-life balance in London and the employees’ perception of compensation in New York had more of on influence on their intention to stay, compared to the other locations. Suggestions for future research, limitations and other implications are discussed.