Une analyse du thème vérité/mensonge dans Monnè, outrages et defis d'Ahmadou Kourouma

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

Monnew, the second novel of Ahmadou Kourouma, published in 1990, relates the history of a fictitious Malinke kingdom, Soba, in the north-west Ivory Coast, from pre-colonial times in the late ·nineteenth century to the beginnings of the post-colonial era. One of the aims of the novel is the demystification of some versions of African history, especially histories of the colonisation of West Africa by the French. We demonstrate how Kourouma demystifies some official accounts of colonial history, presenting his account of the period through the eyes of the Malinke. We make a number of references to more modern or less biased accounts of the times which give credence to the Malinke/Kourouma version. Kourouma also demystifi.es traditional African leaders via the character Djigui, King of Soba. The thesis argues that this demystification is effected by making the figure of Djigui a parody of the legendary hero of traditional oral litterature, thereby revealing his true nature. Subsequently we show how, by creating subtle parallels between the characteristics of the traditional leader and the "charismatic" post-colonial leader, Kourouma also defaltes the public image of such personae. At the same time he creates a more universal image of the flaws of those in power.

Bibliography: pages 186-191.