Developing quality of work life (QWL) determinants for skilled employees with congenital mobility disabilities : an exploratory appraoch [sic.]

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

South Africa is a country in transition from an oppressive past to a democratic dispensation. The democratic process began with the first democratic elections in 1994. Since then, a number of steps have been taken to democratize society and the workplace. ln terms of workplace democratization, certain measures have been implemented to provide opportunities for those who were previously disadvantaged. Among these are people with disabilities. Foreseeing the consequences of these measures to the organization in terms of increasing the number of employees with disabilities, this research sought to develop quality of work life (QWL) determinants from the perspective of skilled employees with congenital mobility disabilities, which would then be compared primarily with Walton's (1973) quality of work life determinants. In order to develop these determinants, ten (10) participants participated in the study. Three (3) of these were females and seven (7) males. The average age of the participants was 32.9 years and they had spent an average of 4.06 years in their respective organisations. None of the participants owned an organisation. In terms of ethnic origin, all participants were Africans or so-called Coloureds. For data collection, the Delphi technique was used. For data-analysis, content analysis was used. Using both these techniques, six (6) quality of work life determinants were developed. These were advancement opportunities, accommodation, integration, supportive work environment, recognition and job variety. When comparing the quality of work life determinants developed in this study and those developed by Walton (1973), the study concludes that with a few exceptions, there are no significant differences between the two groups of quality of work life determinants.

Bibliography: leaves 80-86.