Re-thinking and doing : content based audio

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

In this paper I explore and explain the thinking and production process behind my Masters Degree creative production work for the University of Cape Town. I will be looking into the challenges I faced but also the logic according to which I worked. My project includes an e‐book called Thinking and Doing: content based audio and an audio documentary mini‐series There is a Human Being by the Side of the Road which consists of two parts called Woman and Man. This paper looks into the broad concept that all my submitted work relates to; the audio documentaries. Having explored many sides of documentaries in my e-book, in this paper, I am connecting some of those ideas together with my own production work and the existing academic literature relevant to my topics. I will also critically engage with both rather distinct aspects of my production; audio documentaries and the e‐book, and offer the logic behind my choice of licensing of all my work, before finally concluding this paper.

Includes bibliographical references.