Progress in checking the code used to condition the operating models for the South African hake resource to be used in OMP-2010 testing

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University of Cape Town

The code used to condition these Operating Models, the results for which have been reported in documents such as MCM/2010/FEB/SWG-DEM/05, has been subjected to careful independent checking by the first author. This checking has focused on aspects leading to the computation of the likelihood upon which this conditioning is based. It has not (as yet) extended to the specification of outputs and all aspects of the computation of projections which are also part of the software in question. This checking is now about 90% complete. This checking process has not yet revealed anything that would result in the computation of the likelihood (and hence the consequent results) by this software differing from what was intended. However it has revealed a few omissions and typos in the documentation of the Operating Models, as set out in Appendix II of MCM/2010/FEB/SWG-DEM/05. The consequent corrections are shown in track changes in an updated version of that Appendix which is attached hereto.