Interrelationships among trade union commitment, organizational commitment, job satisfaction and trade union participation

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

The issue of commitment has received extensive research through the years yet inconsistencies still prevail. This research investigated the relationships between organizational commitment, trade union commitment, job satisfaction and trade union participation. A survey based on the work of Meyer and Allen (1997) was used to collect data. The sample consisted of 90 participants who were members of the same trade union. The main findings indicate that trade union commitment is positively correlated to union participation and it explains 34 % of variance in participation. No significant difference based on gender was found in the sample which is inconsistent with available literature. Organizational and union commitment exhibit a significant positive relationship as do job satisfaction and union commitment as well as job satisfaction and union participation. Organizational commitment and union participation exhibited a non-significant result. Dual commitment was also apparent in the sample. Further research is advisable to ascertain fully on these relationships within the South African context.

Includes bibliographical references (leaves 43-51).