An approach to programme evaluation in human services organisations : a case study

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

This study examines the issue of programme evaluation and places it within the context of the Western Cape region of Operation Hunger. Data for this study was collected over a six month period of participant observation at Operation Hunger, during which time a programme evaluation model was developed and implemented. The focus of this study is not so much the evaluation model which was developed, but rather how the model developed from the theory of illuminative evaluation to the Operation Hunger Evaluation Model. In discussing and exploring this process several strands are developed. A central theme is that it is not possible to transpose theory and experience from one context to another without firstly understanding the historical specificity within which programme evaluation developed and secondly, understanding the historical context in which it is to be applied. A second strand identifies five possible evaluation approaches for use in the South African context and applies a model useful in choosing theoretical evaluation approaches for the purposes of application. A final aspect of this study indicates how the theory of the illuminative approach was interpreted and developed into the practice of the Operation Hunger Evaluation Model.

Bibliography: pages 232-241.