The incidence of injury and exposure times of footballers playing in a professional football club in the PS

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

Several studies on European players at the elite or professional level have shown a high risk of injury. However, the studies used different data collection methods, making it difficult to compare results. This suggested a need to standardise the definition of an injury and method of data collection. There are no data on injuries associated with football in South Africa, which makes it difficult to develop an evidence-based strategy to manage injuries associated with football. Therefore, in an attempt to address the deficiency on soccer related injuries in South Africa, a Professional Soccer League (PSL) team (AJAX CT) was monitored throughout the season by the medical support staff of the team using the F-MARC data collection system devised by FIFA. The main objective of this study was to undertake a retrospective epidemiological study documenting the incidence of injury in this team and the exposure time (practice and match) of the players over a full season.

Includes bibliographical references.