Deterioration of reinforced concrete in a marine environment : repair costs and maintenance strategies

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

This dissertation comprises an investigation into the rate at which reinforced concrete structures deteriorate in the Cape Peninsula due to reinforcement corrosion, the reasons for this deterioration, and the accompanying repair costs. The costing of repair work is calculated per m2 of reinforced concrete and is based on quoted labour rates and material rates of repair materials supplied by four major suppliers in the Western Cape. Formulas are included which enable a person using the data listed in tables and figures to calculate what repair costs will be in future, and also enable the calculation of monthly/annual deposit amounts in order to save sufficient money for future maintenance at a specified date. Life cycle costing and decision models for the maintenance of concrete structures are discussed and guidelines for the establishment of optimal maintenance cycles are included. Based on the results of the life cycle costing exercise the importance of planned preventative maintenance is highlighted. Finally, locally and internationally available maintenance management computer systems are reviewed.

Bibliography: p. 108.