Palaeogene ostracods from the South African continental shelf

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

92 cytheracean species, representing 44 genera are recorded from the Palaeogene Agulhas Bank and west coast margin of South Africa. 11 genera and 3 species are common with the Upper Cretaceous faunas. 12 genera (18 species) are left in open nomenclature. The following genera are represented:- Bythoceratina, Incongruellina, Ruggieria, Eucythere, Krithe, Parakrithe, Eucytherura, Cytheropteron, Ambostracon, Urocythereis, Muellerina, Leguminocythereis, Loxoconcha, Schlerochilus, Poseidonamicus, Bradleya, Agrenocythere, Australileberis, Chrysocythere, Costa, Echinocythereis, Haughtonileberis, Henryhowella, Parvacythereis, Phacorhabdotus, Soudanella, Stigmatocythere, Togoina, Trachyleberis, Veenia, Atlanticythere, Xestoleberis. Data on South African Cretaceous and Palaeogene ostracod faunas are discussed in terms of: faunal associations for the South African Palaeogene JC-1, Agulhas Bank and west coast provinces; characteristic species of Upper Eocene and Upper Eocene to Oligocene strata; generic variations across the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary. Palaeo-environmental trends from a Cytheracea, Cypridacea + Bairdiacea, Cytherellidae (CCBC) plot indicate a sea level change from <100m (Palaeocene- Eocene), to shallower water with restricted circulation (Upper Eocene) to moderate depth, 100 - 200m (Lower Oligocene). South African faunas are compared with those from adjacent Palaeogene ostracod faunal provinces. Strong generic links occur with West Africa (8 genera in common) and Pakistan (9 genera in common) with only 3 genera in common with Australia and 3 with Argentina.

Bibliography: pages 147-155.