A study of the relationship between students' participation in the UCT Commerce Faculty's Education Development Unit and their graduate attributes

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

This study examined the extent to which participation in the University of Cape Town's Commerce Education Development Unit (CEDU) extended programme is related to the presence of social psychological graduate attributes in second and third year CEDU students ( n = 104) . This study used second and third year mainstream students as a comparison group (n = 175) as they are assumed to have the required graduate attribute levels for academic success. Data was gathered through a questionnaire using Likert - type scales. A series of analyses were then conducted to test the hypothesis and sub - hypotheses. The main results revealed that after participating in the CEDU extended programme for up to three years, CEDU students have the same perceived levels of the measured graduate attributes as students in mainstream programmes, after the possible effects of three covariates have been taken into account. This study highlights the complexity of developing graduate attributes in previously disadvantaged students of colour in a South African context. The findings of this study provide a basis for future research into the development of graduate attributes in previously disadvantaged students as an antecedent of academic success and employability.

Includes bibliographical references