Parental visits to foster children in Guguletu : current patterns and recommended strategies

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

The researcher embarked on qualitative research. The title the study is parental visits to foster children in Guguletu: current patterns and recommended strategies. Foster and biological parents, children, as well as role players in the field of foster placement and visitation, were urged to participate actively in this study, as it is seen by the researcher to be an important document in the encouragement of family re-unification. The researcher conducted the study in the Gugulethu area. A sample of 25 cases, from 80 children who were placed in foster care from February 1998 to March 1999, was used. The Commissioners from both Wynberg and Mitchell's Plain Courts played an active role in this study. Data collection was done through group and individual interviews using interviewing schedules (see annexure) as a guide. The participants were expected to come up with suggestions, which the researcher collated with her own ideas and experience and with the literature which was consulted. These were used as recommendations for the strategies for visitation patterns. The researcher's intention is for the research to form a solid foundation for family re-unification.

Bibliography: leaves 100-102.