The application of the just-in-time production philosophy to the pharmaceutical industry in South Africa

Master Thesis


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University of Cape Town

This thesis researches the "Just-in-Time" (JIT) in the production philosophy and its application pharmaceutical industry in South Africa. While JIT is widely accepted in Japan and is gaining some acceptance in the USA, it is virtually unknown in South Africa. Studies of the JIT philosophy in the world at large have been largely confined to the use of JIT in repetitive mass production environments, such as is found in the motor industry. No prior studies have been conducted on the application of the JIT philosophy to the pharmaceutical industry in South Africa. The objectives of the thesis are: •To properly define JIT and establish the extent and nature of its components, having researched existing JIT systems in use throughout the world. •To investigate the application of JIT in South Africa with particular reference to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. •To determine to what extent JIT and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) can complement each other in improving productivity in the South African pharmaceutical industry. The techniques used in carrying out the thesis work included literature searches, attending seminars and conducting surveys, whilst the author participated in a JIT pilot project in the pharmaceutical industry.

Bibliography: pages 143-144.